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    Some Testimonials 

“We had been turned down by two providers for a Merchant Services account for our new business because our type of business (tiles and flooring retail) appears to be classed as high risk by the Merchant Banks. The potential negative effect of this could have ended our business before we had even got started. Thankfully we found David Mulholland in Northern Ireland, who helped us through the application process, and as a result we were accepted and operational within a short timeframe. We would highly recommend to any other business in a similar situation” 
Florence Allen & Steve Lovesy at Island Mill
“First time they showed me that I had paid too much for accepting bank cards in the shop. They halved the cost for the same service and even my new terminal is quicker. Later they offered to lower my electricity bill. We signed up without hesitation saving over £50 on each bill from next month.
Only I regret we didn’t do it earlier”    Patrycja, Dominika Shop, Lisburn

Low Cost Merchant Accounts

Savings of up to 70% can be achieved on your
card processing fees


Merchant Accounts

Special Offer 

Get 6 Months FREE Terminal Rental (Quote CP1001)

Whether you need to take card payments at the till, at tables or out on the move
Terminals are available to suit everyone’s requirements

Integrate Your Epos System With Your Card Terminals

Point of sale solutions

Save loads of time – No yearly software licence fees!

Still Not Accepting Cards From Your Customers?

You Are Costing Your Business Money!

Customers spend up to 90% more when paying by card 

Are you aware that accepting Credit & Debit Cards can skyrocket your sales by an incredible 50% – 500%?
With our low cost merchant accounts we can offer the lowest Rates with savings up to 70%

“If your business does not accept Credit
or Debit Cards you simply cannot compete in today’s business environment”  Source MSE

Some of the benefits of having a Merchant Account

Attract More Customers – You Get Higher Sales Values – Increased Turnover

Guaranteed Payments – Offer Cash – Less Cash on site

Less visits to Bank – Less Bank charges
Improved Security – Improve Cash Flow

Never Ever Turn Potential Customers Away!



Business Finance £2K – £50M

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Fast Business Finance

We do not offer consumer loans, a Merchant Cash Advance (also known as a Business Cash Advance)
is a business finance product and is not a consumer loan

Merchant Cash Advance

A Better Alternative To Normal Bank Loans

Borrow Against Your Monthly Card Turnover

Borrow £2K to £500K


Why A Merchant Cash Advance?

You Keep All Your Cash Sales – No Personal Guarantees Required

Only pay back via a small % of your card transactions
No fixed monthly payments
No long term payments 

You can get funded over and over again   

Cash Advance v Bank Loan

All Types Of Business Finance Available
£2K – £50M

With over 150 different lenders and decision makers to choose from you can be sure that you will get the best finance options available


Funds for any purpose

Working Capital
Help With Cash flow
Take a Holiday
Get Your Money Quickly

Minimal Paperwork­


 Flexible tailored options 

Merchant Advance
Debt Consolidation
Flexible Terms
No Application Fees
Customised Tariffs


 Property Finance

Buy To Let
Commercial Property
Investment Property
New Equipment


More flexible than Banks 

Fleet Vehicles
Industrial Vehicles
Invoice Factoring
Asset Finance
Bridging Loans 

Save up to 90% On Business telecoms Bills






Lowest Prices For Business Lines, Calls, Unlimited Broadband

Superfast Fibre Broadband, Mobiles, Sims, VOIP


Cut your business telecoms costs

We can help your Business cut costs on all Call, Line and Broadband charges without having to switch lines or numbers as we use the same
BT Openreach service which is still maintained by the same BT Engineers. 
The only difference you will notice is the Price!

Why Pay More For The Same BT Lines?

Business Telcoms



Cut Your Business Energy Rates



Get A Free Energy Rates Review

Save On  Gas  Electricity  Water

No need to waste time browsing around, you will receive targeted bespoke offers and suppliers
will gladly reduce their rates to win your business

 Getting a better deal is easy so cut your  energy bills now

Save Up To 40% On Bills 


Contact us now to see how we can help you cut costs

email:   info@cutbills.co.uk


Cut Energy Bills

No more getting ripped off when your Energy contract runs out 

Energy Prices Are Going Up

We will always find a better deal for you

This is the quickest and easiest way to save on your
business energy bills

8 out of 10 businesses remain on standard variable tariffs (SVTs) supplied by British Gas, EDF, Eon, Npower, Scottish Power or SSE – the so-called ‘Big Six’ suppliers
If you are out of contract with your current supplier we can get better rates!
Many Business customers in the UK and EIRE are overpaying
for energy because competition isn’t fierce enough
“Savings of very high magnitudes are available straight away to customers who
switch to one of the many cheaper fixed rate tariffs available”

Partner Referral or Affiliate Program
You make the introduction and we do the rest

Refer A Business Friend


As an Affiliate Partner you simply refer business to us and we take it from there.

One of our trusted team of agents will contact or meet up with your referral and gauge the best solution / option for their business needs.

Your account manager will keep you informed at all points of the sale, all you have to do is sit back and receive generous commission payments for your referrals.

We can offer many services to your friends or business colleagues that will offer money saving solutions

Best of all we offer these services absolutely free of charge with no upfront costs whatsoever to your clients

This potentially could save them a lot of money and earn you an additional income whilst doing it

Some examples of what our Partner and Affiliate Programs are excellent for

Field sales agents
Networking groups & meetings
Business Association Groups
Sporting Organisations
Computer & IT Resellers
Mobile & software developers
Business Consultants  

Business  Owners / Managers
Accountants & solicitors
Commercial Agents
card Payment & POS Processors
Energy consultants
B2B Sales agent
Business franchisers & more 

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